John M. Napier

Of Counsel

John M. Napier

John Napier is an experienced attorney and board member at Hanger Law. John has built his practice around Residential and Commercial Real Estate, providing legal representation for Developers and Builders, Land Use and Zoning Issues, and Business matters.

The son of a Naval Aviator and grandson of a World War II veteran, John Napier has spent significant time on both coasts, with many years in the Coastal Virginia area working with some of the largest real estate developers, investors, and brokers in the business, as well as representing new ventures and startup companies of all types.

John has a solutions-based approach to legal matters ranging from Title Issues on a Residential Purchase to Complex Zoning matters involving multi-million-dollar Commercial Transactions.

John lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and he loves music, film, and travel, as well as philosophical discourse of most any kind.

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