Hunter Hanger

Owner & Founder

Hunter Hanger

Unlike most attorneys, Hunter Hanger entered the legal field to be around people. His primary motivator is to see clients empowered through understanding and protected by an assertive legal advocate.

Hunter is committed to ensuring Hanger Law has the best people and processes to carry his clients through complex transactions with ease and confidence. He has personally negotiated and facilitated thousands of real estate purchases and sales and is passionate about making the home buying experience as smooth and as fun as possible. Hunter also owns and manages several homeowners and title insurance companies and wants to ensure every client has the peace of mind that comes through comprehensive risk mitigation.

Hunter and his wife Kara live with their four children in Croatan. He serves on the board of Virginia Beach Vision, and co-chairs the Housing Advisory Board where he advocates for the development and maintenance of affordable housing in Virginia Beach. He is also a founding board member of the Virginia Beach Fellows Program, a non-profit ministry designed to develop recent graduates in their vocational and spiritual calling. In his spare time, Hunter enjoys surfing, running, coaching entrepreneurs, and studying history.

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