Brandan M. Goodwin

Associate Attorney

Brandan Goodwin

Brandan M. Goodwin is a skilled litigator and prolific legal writer. Brandan started his legal career by clerking in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia for the Honorable Henry Coke Morgan, Jr. During his clerkship, Brandan gained experience working on a variety of complex litigation matters including administrative appeals, intellectual property licensing disputes, and multi-billion-dollar patent infringement cases.

Obtaining a Federal Clerkship is an esteemed position that very few attorneys will have the opportunity to experience during their careers. Federal Court requires exceptional attention to detail while working on complex legal issues and Brandan quickly earned the respect and trust of Judge Morgan.

As your attorney, Brandan will be forthright in his assessment of your case and build an effective strategy for handling your legal matter. Brandan is a litigator who possesses the diligence and attention to detail required for negotiating your dispute or winning your case at trial.

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