Ashley J. Grant

Associate Attorney

Ashley Grant

Ashley J. Grant is a skilled litigator and prolific legal writer. Ashley began her career by volunteering as an attorney for the St. Lucie County Office of the Public Defender in Florida.  She then clerked for five years for the State Courts of Virginia, concluding with a clerkship for the Honorable S. Bernard Goodwyn of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

A clerkship with the Supreme Court of Virginia is an esteemed position that very few attorneys have the opportunity to experience. The position requires exceptional attention to detail while working on complex legal issues and Ashley quickly earned the respect and trust of the judiciary and fellow law clerks.

After her time as a law clerk, Ashley worked for a large national firm where she focused on Consumer Financial Services Litigation. She has extensive experience negotiating with banks and understands how to navigate what can be a painstaking process for the everyday consumer.

As your attorney, Ashley will ask probing questions to get a clear picture of the scope of your case and use her legal expertise to help you navigate the nuances of your matter. Ashley possesses the legal fortitude and attention to detail required to ensure that your legal issues are handled thoroughly and with compassion.

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