Deeds Pursuant to Divorce

Deeds Pursuant to Divorce

One of the common issues that a divorced couple deals with when handling real property is conveying the marital real property accurately and smoothly. Generally, the couple will sell the home together or one of the spouses will remain in the property and continue to paying the mortgage as part of the property settlement agreement […]

Transfer on Death Deeds

Virginia has a wonderful legal mechanism by which any property owner (or owners if joint tenants) may convey a piece of property to another individual outside of probate via a Transfer on Death Deed. This instrument can work in conjunction with your current will, trust, or other estate plan or it can be a separate […]

Listing a Short Sale – 5 Important Points

As mentioned in a previous post, a short sale occurs when an individual is unable to pay their mortgage in full when selling the home. Instead of a “full payoff,” it’s a “short payoff,” also called a short sale. Most real estate agents are aware that short sales are much different from traditional sales in […]