What’s a Signature?

What’s a Signature?

In all areas of the law, a person’s signature is of utmost importance. A person’s signature provides authenticity to a document whether they are signing a contract, signing a will, or purchasing a home. In the past, signing a legal document was a major event. The individual would come together with several witnesses and affix […]

Transfer on Death Deeds

Virginia has a wonderful legal mechanism by which any property owner (or owners if joint tenants) may convey a piece of property to another individual outside of probate via a Transfer on Death Deed. This instrument can work in conjunction with your current will, trust, or other estate plan or it can be a separate […]

4 Important Financial Items to Review Regularly

There are certain times in life where it’s good to re-group and re-examine things. Most people tend to make New Year’s resolutions and people join a gym or start a new diet. Perhaps, you are starting a new job, getting married, buying a house, or relocating. With that said, these are four essential items that […]

How Incapacitation Can Affect A Deal

Simply put, a person is incapacitated when he/she is mentally or physically unable to make decision for himself/herself.  Virginia law defines incapacitation as: an adult who has been found by a court to … lack the capacity to (i) meet the essential requirements for his health, care, safety, or therapeutic needs without the assistance or […]

4 Common Oversights in an Estate Plan

Hopefully, you have a customized estate plan for you and your family already established.  Whether it is a will, trust, or a beneficiary contract structure, there is no one right plan for every family.  Yet, regardless of the estate plan you have, there are some common oversights it is important to be aware of. DIY […]