Judgment Liens

Judgment Liens

The Commonwealth of Virginia and many other states allow creditors to file liens when a debtor is delinquent (late on payments) on debt. Liens allow creditors to collect on their unsecured debt. A credit card is an unsecured debt because a lender is not able take any collateral when they provide credit on a card. […]

What’s a Signature?

In all areas of the law, a person’s signature is of utmost importance. A person’s signature provides authenticity to a document whether they are signing a contract, signing a will, or purchasing a home. In the past, signing a legal document was a major event. The individual would come together with several witnesses and affix […]

What is a contract anyway?

Sometimes parties get wrapped up in the formalities of contracts, especially real estate deals. Realtors throughout the country often use templates to draft the contracts and clauses are nearly all built in to the templates. In other deals, parties may have various form contracts they build off of. In reality, a contract is super simple […]


One of the major issues I see in real estate contracts are vague terms and clauses. With any contract, especially a real estate transaction, keeping everything super clear is important to insuring your client is fully represented and accurately protected. An important note to remember is that when a contract is disputed in court, the […]

4 Important Financial Items to Review Regularly

There are certain times in life where it’s good to re-group and re-examine things. Most people tend to make New Year’s resolutions and people join a gym or start a new diet. Perhaps, you are starting a new job, getting married, buying a house, or relocating. With that said, these are four essential items that […]